Every DI, DII, DIII and NAIA Athletic Program

  • Profiles on all 1,300 colleges with programs in your sport
  • Discover schools by conference, division, or state
  • Know your options, find schools that will be a fit

Position breakdowns by class for every roster

  • Which teams need quarterbacks?
  • At which programs will I be competing with 5 other underclassmen Catchers?
  • Who might be looking to give a scholarship to a Libero?

Every player from your area – where are they now

  • Follow up on players you have played with or against to get a better idea what level is right for you
  • Follow up to understand what the athletic transition has been like for players from your HS conference
  • Use the data to show a college coach “here is the type of competition that has come from my HS and my conference the past few years.”

Every college program with players from your state

  • Which coaches should you expect to be actively recruiting your HS or city?
  • Which teams (the ones that don’t actively recruit your area) will I need to be more proactive with and reach out to?
  • What expectations should I have about whether my state is over-recruited or under-recruited?

Head Coach and Win/Loss history

  • Which programs have new head coaches?
  • Which programs are on the rise over the past 5 years?
  • Which are the top programs at every level and in every conference in the country?

Tuition and school-wide SAT/ACT averages included

  • Lists of the top academic schools that also have the top winningest programs over the last 5 years
  • Discover new schools that fit you athletically, while making it easy to reference whether those schools are in your academic and financial range.
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